Purity Program: The Miracle of Life

By CARP Romania: On January 26, 2016 we organized Purity Education Event. Our subject was ‘The Miracle of Life’! We discuss about how our life appeared and how precious life is through presentation. Lecturer explained more deep meaning of life with ‘Prenatal Memory’. This is the memory which 30% of children remember about before the birth. And all the children shared very similar memories. Specially about purpose of life ‘To help people’ or How they appeared ‘God send me by slider and I met my mother’ etc… So the conclusion of this presentation was we are all chosen by God. In order to be here in this time, in order to help people. After this presentation some of participants started shed tears of joy and gratitude. It really touched our heart. Also lecturer shared about importance of our sexual organ which gave us this precious life. And about importance of preparation for future partner.

After the presentation we made 3 team to have sharing with mothers and fathers. It was really precious experiences for all the participants to listen directly about preparation for baby, period of pregnancy and experience of giving birth. Many participants asked many questions for mothers and fathers in order to learn for their future. All the mothers and fathers emphasized importance of preparation before having baby.

We wish this program can inspire Romanian young people to prepare well for future family and keep Sexual Purity in order to make beautiful family.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.