Purity Program: The best Love Song! –Time to think about what is True Love

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By FFWPU Romania: We organized an Open Purity Education Event on January 19, 2016. The purpose of this program was share the message about ‘Absolute Sex’ for all kind of people. Specially ‘How important prepare for future family’, ‘Importance of Sexual Purity’ and ‘What is the difference between True Love and False Love’.

This program started with introducing each other. All the participants were happy to be here and curious what can they learn in this program. Afterwards we had presentation about Love. Lecturer started about general understanding of love which all of us can experience in our life. And we could see that we can experience four kind of love, Parental love, Children’s love, Siblings love and Conjugal love. And among these 4 kind of love, only conjugal love is very different. Because conjugal love provides that 1 to 1 relationship. And afterwards we discussed what kind of love we want in the future relationship. And we could realize that all of us want to find Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal love. This means all of us wish to experience True Love in our life, especially in the future relationship. But in our daily life we can see also different kind of love too. Specially movies, stories and songs has a lot of influence in our life. Even though we all wish to have True Love but because of influence of songs we can be confused about this. So our main activities were changing the lyrics of Love Songs. So we made 4 teams and each team changed a lyric of each love songs in order to make it as Best Love Song. All the team put a lot of effort and made really beautiful Love Songs. In the end of this program we made ‘The Best Love Song Concert’ and all the team sung the song which they made in front of all the people. We had really beautiful time to listen to some love songs.

We wish this program bring new wind of True Love for Romania young people and help them to create ideal family in the future.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.