One Day Divine Principle Workshop: How to restore Human Values

By CARP Romania: This week was 3rd week of 1th 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo in 2016.

We concluded this week with 1Day Divine Principle Workshop with joyful, hopeful spirit on January 30, 2016. We all were so happy to receive new people who has desire to know study Divine Principle. Our guests came from University field and one sister came from working field. They were so joyful and pure.

We organized lectures with ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’. Each lecturer gave clear message with passion. So all the participants were very focused in order to understand the message of the Principle. In the break time they were asking questions in order to understand clearly and put in practice in their life. So they showed us their desire to study more deeply. After the Human Fall lecture the participants had little shock. Because it was for the first time they heard about the fall being a illicit sexual relationship between Archangel and Eve. Nobody knows about this truth. One participant who studied philosophy so he was open to understand new vision. We could feel the power of Divine Principle to bring people together.

The guests felt free to share, like their home. After the lectures we had lunch together. The lunch was prepared by one of our SES member and one of our Active CARP member. They really put their heart in preparing lunch. It was the time to listening the questions from all the participants and become good friends. We listened about their lives. Because we have UPA cadets and STF members together with Romania brothers and sisters we could feel happiness as a small international family.

After the workshop, we organized games called ‘Happy Day’ in order to become closer. Everybody was happy so in this way we could break cultural walls. Through this experience we could see how Principle is working. It brings unity between people of different races and cultures cantered on God.

We are sure that this workshop was new life experience for all of us with new vision and hope. We will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to discover Heavenly Parents heart through Divine Principle study and activities.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.