MOLDOVA: Court Upholds House Arrest of Mihai Calestru


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MOLDOVA: Court upholds house arrest of Mihai Calestru

Falsely accused member of the Unification Church was jailed on 30 October 2015

3 February 2016 (HRWF – FOREF). A Moldovan court today denied a Prosecution appeal and upheld a decision to release into house arrest Mihai Calestru, one of two members of the Unification Church who have been charged with trafficking in human beings.

The other defendant, Oleg Savencov, has been hospitalized, delaying the appeal hearing in his case. Both men were jailed on 30 October 2015, charged with trafficking in human beings.

As indicated in two earlier statements, Human Rights Without Frontiers and the Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe, investigated the charges against the two men in January 2016, and found them to be baseless.

Both human rights organizations expressed support for the decision and the hope that charges against both of the accused would be dropped.