Kenya: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

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FFWPU Kenya, Moriba Kone Family: The event was organized at the Bahati Church after a series of workshops which included an introduction seminar, 2 Days Divine Principle Workshop and a 3 hour blessing Lecture workshop.  The couples from this church were very inspired by the lectures and this led to organizing a blessing for the pastors and their wives on the January 24, 2016. It was a very happy event which was held at Bahati Church in Kayole. They were joined by a few community Leaders a of Nyumba Kumi and CBO leaders.

The blessing was held for 10 couples who expressed gratitude for the lectures and the new Beginning through the blessing. They all received our True Father`s autobiography as a blessing present. After the blessing , 2 Ladies  confined with the Pastor on how grateful they are to FFWPU and the Founders for the blessing which had actually saved their marriage by teaching True Family Values which have discouraged their husbands from marrying the 2nd wives ! It was true salvation for them and their families.

After the blessing the participants are now involved in teaching others in their community about the value of the blessing and recruiting of blessing candidates and education is now going on.

The next blessing will be held on the 7th February 2016 and Registration and Education of 430 couples is now going on.

As our True Mother told us to go out and witness we are engaged in this mission with the support from True Parents of Heaven earth and Human Kind and all our ancestors until we can proclaim victory!

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