In Sup Nim at Global Cranes Club Assembly

Events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day

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Global Cranes Club Assembly

Keynote Address

In Sup Park, Vice President of FFWPU International

Jamshil Lotte Hotel, Seoul Korea – February 19, 2016

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Beloved Fellow Cranes!

It is a tremendous joy and honor for me to have this opportunity to greet you all here today.

I am profoundly grateful that each and every one of you have gathered for this special Cranes Club meeting, where we will share together and discuss our plans and goals for 2016.

First of all, I want express my deep appreciation to True Parents, for their lives of love and sacrifice for all of us.

Also, I want share my boundless gratitude to True Mother who is carrying the heavy burden of leadership of our worldwide movement.

We are very proud of her and I know we all want to do our best to support her, doing the best we can, despite our limitations.

In developing the Cranes Club with the guidance and blessing of True Mother, many people asked me “what is its purpose?”

Frankly, in the beginning, the project was met with some skepticism and doubt.

However, as we launched Cranes Club in the USA, Europe, and Korea in 2015, we received a lot of feedback and recommendations. We received much encouragement and inspiration, but we also received many constructive suggestions for improvement. Many wanted to see Cranes Club become an organization that was very interactive, focusing on dialogue, connecting, and networking.


Purpose of Cranes Club

Overall, I think there are several key motivations for starting Cranes Club based on my personal experience especially as a second generation.

First of all, on a very personal level, growing up as second generation, I experienced numerous workshops, Sunday School programs, and summer camps, up until the time of the Blessing.

The church did a great job in educating and supporting me as a young person, by sponsoring many of these workshops and camps.

The deep friendships that were formed and our youthful camaraderie as we grew up together as an extended family, left an indelible mark in my heart.

Also, in many respects, it was only the other second generation who could really understand the numerous challenges, difficulties, and issues that second generation had to deal with.

This time spent together, learning that we all shared a precious common background and history, was a great source of inspiration that both strengthened our relationship to God and to one another. As we grew to know and understand one another, we could also support each other.

But, over the last twenty years, I began to notice that for many of us, especially after receiving the Blessing, and for very understandable reasons, priorities began to gradually change.

The practical and very necessary responsibilities of trying to raise and support a family became the number one priority for many of my peers.

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Also, given that the movement was still developing and growing in terms of human resources, many of the second generation even had to take on the added responsibility of trying to provide for and support their parents as well.

So, again, very understandably, it is easy for people to drift apart because priorities have changed. Under such circumstances it’s easy to lose our connection to one another.

I don’t think this situation is unique just to our movement. It is a natural part of the natural life cycle, and naturally happens in many organizations or groups, for example, among university students after they graduate. This is why universities form alumni associations.

I know that the church is very much focused on investing in our youth. Still, in the back of mind, I am very concerned that if we do not provide a forum for meaningful interaction and a way to reconnect, especially among the older 2nd generation after they have received the blessing, then, like a cup with a hole in the bottom, water will leak out, even as we keep trying to fill it.

Like HARP, CARP, or Youth Federation, which tries to connect high school or college students, I hope that the Cranes Club can inspire us to build stronger connections with each other. We can strengthen our bonds of friendship, supporting each other, and building a community, especially among the older second generation of the movement, many of whom are working professionals.

About a month ago, I was in NYC and had an opportunity to meet an older 2nd generation “hyung” who I had not seen for probably about 20 years.

As I greeted him, thinking about all the unique challenges and difficulties he must have faced and overcome, and feeling very proud of all his accomplishments, despite the difficulties he faced, I was moved greet him with a big hug.

I felt sincere joy as we reconnected, especially after such a long time.

Cranes Club, from an external point of view, can provide a great professional network among the 2nd generation. IN this way, we can mentor younger brothers and sisters, engaged in voluntarism and philanthropy, and support each other professionally.

From an internal point of view, Cranes Club provides a great opportunity for us to rekindle, reconnect with and maintain lost connections with all our extended and international family, that worldwide family that True Parents’ and our first generation elders have built with their vision, and their blood, sweat, and tears.

Cranes Club can help all of us find strength through knowing that we share a precious common history, and we that have each other, no matter what difficulties we may face.

Cranes Club can help us continue to nurture and develop our precious community, as we, the 2nd generation, grow older and wiser.

I sincerely applaud each and every one who has gathered here today. I deeply respect your accomplishments in life, for I know that these accomplishments were not won easily. I admire you all the more, knowing of the many difficulties and challenges you must have had to deal with in your life.

In conclusion, and with a spirit of family, with a spirit of reunion, and a spirit of reconnecting with joy, love, care, and support, I encourage you to be actively involved with Cranes Club. Let us work together to develop and expand the Cranes Club, for the sake of our movement, for the sake of the world, that needs what we have to offer, especially when we come together in harmony and cooperation.

Thank you very much for all your support and investment in Cranes Club.

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless each one of you and your precious families always!!!

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