Global Top Gun 2016 Begins


Opening Ceremony for the Second Global Top Gun 21-Day Workshop


By FFWPU USA: Young Unificationist leaders have gathered together at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center to begin the second Global Top Gun Workshop. Today, February 2, was the first full day of events, during which the Global Top Gunners became acquainted with the workshop vision, the standards of the Cheong Training Center, and of course with one another.

“Coming to Cheongpyeong from Nigeria and meeting with my brothers and sister I never knew I had, was a dream I never thought I could realize at this present time,” said participant Godson Dgurie. “I promise to make the most of this opportunity and go back to my country with much to tell.”

The day began with introductory remarks by Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism at FFWPU USA, and chief organizer of the workshop. After introducing himself, Demian discussed the vision of the workshop: that participants develop a deeper awareness of God, True Parents, themselves and others.

Demian explained, “God wants us to live the right things, not just to do the right things.”

“He challenged us to consider the degree to which we actually live as a global family, and to take responsibility for our lives, faith, culture, and community,” summarized Miyoung Eaton, an American participant of Top Gun.

Following Demian’s introduction, two administrators in Cheong Pyeong, Ryuichi Kishimoto and In Pyo Moon, shared about the history and activities of the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, the workshop’s gracious host on behalf of True Mother for these next 21 days.

“I am especially grateful that the workshop is at Cheong Pyeong,” said Cliff Gaines from Georgia, USA. “This is my first time attending a workshop here. This is truly a very beautiful and spiritual palace. My goal for this workshop is to take what I have learned back home to the USA and to use it to help with our outreach efforts as we become and create Tribal Messiahs who can bring more people back home to this Heavenly place.”

After lunch, Demian offered a second presentation, tackling the objectives and the vision of the workshop with even more depth. There are three workshop objectives—intellectual, emotional, and willful—which Demian described as a 360-degree leadership model. He went on to discuss how these objectives would be the unifying standards by which participants can measure all options and face all challenges.

Demian also discussed his revolutionary approach to the structure of the workshop: an organic, dynamic, and natural structure as opposed to a static and flat institutional structure, which was first put in place during the 2015 Global Top Gun workshop. The revolutionary component of the Global Top Gun workshop team structure is its roots in the natural concepts of families, clans, and tribes. Top Gun is one tribe of 103 members, four clans, and four or five families per clan. Demian empowered the participants to make the most of this new model by seeking to meet challenges and reach objectives from the grassroots up: starting from the family and working their way up through the clan and tribe.

“This way, we are not forcing a curriculum but applying a process,” said Demian. “We’re enabling participants to create their experience and to actualize God’s work through themselves and with each other.”

After dividing into families and clans, the participants had reflection activities in which they wrote letters to True Mother about what was currently on their minds and hearts. They also discussed with each other their reasons for attending Top Gun and how they foresee applying the workshop experience to their work and ministry back home.

“It’s really exciting coming together as such a diverse group,” said Benedikt Jensen from Germany. “As one family we want to invest ourselves and contribute to making the world a place full of love and peace. Whatever challenges will come, we will make it.”