France: Women’s Meeting to Begin a New Year

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By WFWP France, Brigitte Wada: To start the New Year 2016, the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) decided to gather together its members for a day and half (January 23-24, 2016) to reconnect with each other, facilitate relationships, share ideas and open up new perspectives for the future.

The day of 23 January began with the intervention of Dr. Lan Young Moon on the theme: “CREATING HER STORY OF THE 21st CENTURY!” with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. Her knowledge of feminist theology enabled her to garner the interest of the participants. She talked of women in the Bible and of Jesus who was able to build relationships, revolutionary for his time, with the least considered persons, such as women, the poor, etc.

She also expressed that once a month she needed to decompress and that, in order to accomplish this, she liked to attend a seminar involving the teachings of the Unification Movement, which allowed her to find new inspiration and energy in her mission. For her, the secret of happiness lies in 3 elements: nature, art and the word of God.

Claudine Decamp, head of WFWP in Paris, explained the difficult course that Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, founder of WFWP International, had to go through alongside her husband to merit today the title of a true ambassador for peace.

After a good lunch, Benedicte Suzuki, representative of WFWP in the north of France and founder of the association “Women to the rescue of peace”, spoke enthusiastically about its activities and its project to help a school in Senegal. She invited people to sponsor children and participate in an education program in Senegal to be held in July or August.

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Tirzi Martin, presented “Emotion Code”, a new method of energetic healing created and taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, an American former chiropractor. It enables negative emotions that are trapped in our physical and energetic body to be identified and released, for example resentment, hatred, lack of confidence, sorrow, anger, etc.

Passionate as she is about early childhood education, Patricia Martin presented a book entitled “In favour of a happy childhood” by Catherine Guegen, as well as some videos on independent learning. Kathrin Plane completed this presentation by sharing her own experiences with children in her care. For those who planned to stay overnight, after dinner, a session on well-being led by Claudine Dolo allowed the women and young mothers to relax before taking a well-deserved rest.

The next morning, well rested, we shared fresh baguettes and croissants after an inspiring morning reading of the Cheon Seong Gyeong before the Sunday service given by Dr. No Hi Pak to a larger and highly receptive audience. Touched by the enthusiasm of our songs, Drs. No Hi Pak and Lan Young Moon asked us to make a recording of the song “Ce jour-là” (On that day). We humbly consider having contributed by our presence to the beautiful atmosphere that was created.