France: Celebration of the 49th Heavenly Parent’s Day

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By FFWPU France: On Sunday, February 7th, brothers and sisters of the Paris region came together in a rented hall 55 kms south of Paris to celebrate the 49th Heavenly Parent’s Day.

The morning service began with a review of the important points of the past year, given by David Perry, responsible for the Blessed Family Department: the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seongwha, True Mother’s visit to Europe, the naming of Rev. Jack Corley as the new European president and True Mother’s special emissaries Dr. Noh Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon being asked to work more closely with France and to move their base of operations to Paris. We then reviewed many activities of the UPF, the WFWP and the local communities throughout France.

This review helped us reflect on what we have to offer our Heavenly Parent at the end of this third year of CIG and to reflect on how we can move forward into this fourth year of CIG with unity of heart and unity of vision to accomplish more.

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Our national leader, Jean-François Moulinet, then spoke on the theme “God, our Heavenly Parent”. He asked us to reflect on our concept of God. Subconsciously our vision of God is influenced by our parents, by our family, by our education and by our experiences. For example, if our parents were too strict we can have the vision of demanding, never-satisfied God.

Many people have deformed concepts of God which can lead to terrible things being done in the name of God. Our True Parents have come to help mankind correct those deformed concepts and to see God as our Heavenly Parents who loves us and is trying to help us.

To correct our concepts of God, Jean-Francois. Moulinet encouraged us to make use of our True Parent’s words by reading the introduction and 1st chapter of Divine Principle, the first book of Cheon Seung Gyeong and the speeches of our True Parents.

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During the main speech, a special Service had been also prepared for the Third Generation, in another room. With the close of the morning service, everyone enjoyed a two-hour lunch break. Tables were set up and a time of sharing and catching up with brothers and sisters we might not see so often was much appreciated.

The tables were then put away, the chairs put back in rows and the afternoon of entertainment could begin. There was a broad variety of performances ranging from classical music to hip hop dancing, to a magician, to songs by individuals or groups, to Chinese shadow puppet theater.

At 4 pm we stopped the entertainment to pray together as it was the moment of the midnight prayer in Korea and we wanted to be united in heart with our True Parents at that time. After the prayer we had a 30 minute coffee break, another chance to speak with brothers and sisters. The entertainment continued until 6 pm and then it was time to clean and put everything away.

It was a good way to finish the 3rd year of CIG and to prepare ourselves for the new year. Other celebrations were also organized in the North of France.

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