Sun Jin Nim at the Dedication Ceremony for the Flagship Store of Heaven G. Burger

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Events Commemorating True Parents’ Birthday and the 3rd Anniversary of Foundation Day

Dedication Ceremony for the Flagship Store of Heaven G. Burger

Congratulatory Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

February 11, 2016, Cheongpueong


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Honored Guests. Respected elders. Beloved brothers and sisters. It is my great pleasure to be here with you today for the opening of Heaven G. Burger restaurant.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our True Parents, for their amazing true love, care, and grace. I want to especially acknowledge our True Mother for her leadership and guidance, and for initiating and completing this Heaven G. Burger project.

Some may ask “why hamburgers?”

When True Parents embarked on their first trip to the USA in 1960’s, there was one food in particular that they fell in love with: hamburgers, from the USA.

True Father, in his autobiography, in the chapter entitled “everything we have is borrowed from heaven”, said the following:

The meal I enjoy the most in America is McDonald’s. Some people call it junk food and don’t eat it, but I like eating at McDonald’s for two reasons. It’s cheap and it saves time…. The message I give members every year is spend money carefully and conserve on everything… I want them to have the consciousness of conserving in order to help the country and save humanity. (PLGC,333)

Combining delicious and hearty beef, nutritious vegetables, and delicious bread, the hamburger is an entire meal packed into a simple, easy-to-eat package.

For True Father, who was always on the go, the hamburger was the perfect 5-minute meal. It could be consumed in the car as they traveled from city to city. It could also be consumed anywhere, or at any time, requiring no plate or utensils, just a napkin.

It was also his favorite meal to serve to leaders in the USA during their meetings.

True Mother has fond memories of those times. So, with “Heaven G. Burger,” True Mother is sharing some very heartfelt memories from the early days of our movement, especially pioneering days in America.

True Father writes about the ‘incomparable inner beauty of True Mother’s heart’ in his autobiography. He writes,

My wife has such a tremendous heart of love and care that she even gave a special ring I bought her to someone in need. When she sees someone in need of clothes, she buys them clothes or gives them some of ours. When she comes across someone hungry, she buys the person a meal.” (PLGC,197)

Father writes about his own family home in his chapter ‘food is love,’ where it states:

I too have spent my life feeding people. To me giving people food is the most precious work…I gave them food, and they shared their love with me. The deep friendship and warmth they showed me back then continued to be a source of strength for me today. As I go around the world and witness children suffering from hunger. I am always reminded of how my grandfather never missed a chance to share food with others.” (PLGC,10-11)

With this same sincerity, love and nurturing heart, True Mother has guided the entire process from choosing the special (secret) recipe, to giving it the name “Heaven G. Burger.”

At this critical time, with just 4 years to go until Vision 2020, True Mother has given us this Heaven G. Burger. At the time of the Celebration Luncheon, True Mother said that Heaven G. Burger was for families working hard for the sake of the accomplishment of their Tribal Messiah responsibilities.

As we enjoy this nourishing food that strengthens our bodies, we can experience the deep parental love of our True Parents.

Let us inherit this same heart of our True Parents, so that we share not only physical food but also true spiritual food with all the people of the world!

Starting with True Parent’s Birthday celebration tomorrow, and until the Foundation Day Celebration, 10s of thousands of members will come from around the world to this holy place of Cheong Pyeong.

I hope all members will have a chance to receive True Father’s and True Mother’s love through Heaven G. Burger and feel the unconditional love, nourishing care; infinite hope, and glorious strength to bring the world’s children back to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Thank you all. May Heavenly Parent and True Parents always bless you and your precious families! Bon santé et bon appetite! To your health and happy appetite! Aju!


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