Family Day 2016: Protect our Children and the Future of the Society



By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and Women Federation for World Peace participated in the 2 million gathering, the “Family Day” in the famous “Circus Massimo” in Rome on January 30, 2016.

Coming from all the regions of Italy an incredible number of families gathered to confirm their belief in the God’s created base for human society: the natural family.

Several politicians, representatives of Catholic movements, religious leader from many Christian churches and religions attended the event. The quality of the speeches was excellent, going from the religious and biblical point of view to the civil awareness of the non-religious representatives. For all of them the family must not be hindered in any possible way and the children must be protected from the business of those who want to make profit with them and to erase the very basis of the human society. Statistics and documentaries were presented, through huge screens, to clarify how many billions of dollars all those business make, by selling children, women’s wombs and so on. Furthermore, to make equal the natural family with the gay family, will end up destroying the moral tissue of human society in many ways. All this was made strong and clear by the thousands and thousands of families that came with all their children from all over Italy and from many parts of the world: Africa, USA, Spain, France and many other countries.

We met several religious leaders, including a Korean Catholic priest that lives in Rome and could share with them our view according to True Parents’ teaching. It was an incredible opportunity to witness about the True Family Vision. We delivered hundreds of leaflets and spoke to many people that were attracted by out banner “Families of Peace for a better World” with the FFWPU and WFWP logos.

Our banner attracted several journalists as well, and we gave interviews explaining our view about the family and education. Some of these interviews were reported briefly in newspapers and National TV, of course together with many others.

It was a great chance for our members of Rome to understand how much True Parents’ view on the family it is really needed in society and how effective could be our vision, when can be conveyed to the general public. We are not alone fighting for a better world. There are many people of good conscience, especially in Italy that remains as the last developed country that still resist to the temptation of the gay family, gender ideology and the destruction of the family institution.

We came out from this experience strengthen in our determination to witness and fight to promote True Parents’ culture everywhere, being more and more confident that this will be the “healing of the nations” as prophesized in the book of revelation.