Ethiopia: Divine Principle Workshop

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By FFWPU Ethiopia, Simon Amare: We hold a 3-day workshop for 10 ambassadors for peace.

On January 16, the 1st day we talked about Introduction to Unification Principle and the Principle of creation. Some of Muslim participants were so amazed that we used some verses from Quran to prove all religions are similar. That is why they asked to teach the content of UNIFICATION PRINCIPLE in other places for more people to know.

On January 23rd, the 2nd day we talked about the motivation and process of the Fall of Human beings. An Ambassador for Peace said the truth is incredible and that why we must teach it to UN offices.

On January 31st, the 3rd day we talked about Principles of restoration and the Mission of TRUE PARENTS. Some participants mentioned that it is so sad to see how much we as human beings are not concerned about the value of family which is very crucial to restore the world to it’s original position.

Mrs. Amare also gave a lecture on the mission of Father MOON, saying he has come to finish the unfinished mission of JESUS CHRIST.

Finally, we encouraged participants to receive the BLESSING because we believe that it is the way for us to be truly connected to God and receive His True Love.

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