Czech Republic: CARP & HARP Youth Service Project

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By CARP Czech Republic: We had the great opportunity to organize a service project together with young second generation from HARP and STF on January 30, 2016. For everyone it was a very precious experience. We created two group of 14 people each.

We discussed all the necessary instructions and went out for our adventure. The main purpose and mission of the project was to fundraise clothes, food or anything useful for homeless people or people in need and bring them to a place near the train station where the NGO “Food not bombs” regularly serves food for homeless people. Many people in need gather there. In addition, our mission was to ask people, when was the last time they felt joy, tell them uplifting words from the heart and exchange one teabag for something nice which will bring joy to someone.  The internal purpose of the whole event was to experience Principles in action.

The fundraising part was not always easy, but in general we met very nice people who gave us a lot of useful and also unexpected things. In one Vietnamese shop the owner gave us a bag full of instant noodle soups. Some of them were very inspired to meet us and get to know what we are doing.

Through this we also explored more the neighborhood of our place. In the end we collected four big bags of clothes and one big bag of food.

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After putting all the things together, we moved to the train station place, where we met people from the NGO and some homeless people. They were very happy and amazed by our efforts and asked a lot about our origin. We helped them to bring the things to their Centre, shared and exchanged contacts for future cooperation. It was a very nice encounter.

After that we had snack together and returned to HQ. All of us felt energized and inspired to do more such things. We immediately discuss about the next possibilities of similar future event.

One extra bonus we have got from this project was the bonding atmosphere among us in the teams connecting different cultures and generations. We felt really closer to each other at the end of the day.