Couples Across America Receive the Marriage Blessing

By FFWPU USA: From sea to shining sea, couples and friends in the United States celebrated the Marriage Blessing this weekend. The recent celebrations of Heavenly Parents’ Day (the first day of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, or God’s Kingdom), True Parents’ Birthday, and the third anniversary of Foundation Day made for a festive season to celebrate the love of couples for each other and for God. On February 19, 2016, communities tuned in to the live broadcast happening the morning of Feb. 20 in Korea, and celebrated the Blessing in their own special ways:


Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Family Church welcomed over 95 people including Ambassadors for Peace, new members, first time guests and visiting Unificationists at the International Peace Education Center to celebrate Foundation Day and congratulate three couples who received the Blessing. The hall was decorated with beautiful flowers and chair accents to contribute to the wedding vibe. The evening began with the live broadcast of the Foundation Day festivities. After hearing the main message from True Mother, there was an overall sense of renewed hope for the upcoming year and for Vision 2020.

After participating in the Holy Wine Ceremony in an adjacent room, the couples entered the main hall by walking down the aisle on a red carpet as they made their way to their seats in the front of the room. The program continued as the officiators, Rev. Andy and Mrs. Lydia Compton, sprinkled Holy Water over the couples and gave the couples their rings. The couples affirmed their vows and received the Marriage Blessing from True Parents.

After the Blessing ceremony ended, all of the couples as well as their parents came on stage to join the officiators in cutting the cake.

Rev. Compton gave a congratulatory message, encouraging all the couples about the wonderful journey and bright future that they will share together.  All in attendance lifted their glasses, filled with the Korean drink, McCol, and joined the couples in a wedding toast.

For the entertainment, two Las Vegas CARP members as well as a new guest who is currently studying the Divine Principle made a musical offering to congratulate the newlyweds. Local Unificationist Jonathan shared, “It was moving to see how the three couples here as well as all those in Korea committed themselves to a life of loving each other.” The night ended with a reception including cake and refreshments.

The newlywed couples walked out across the red carpet while being showered with applause, bubbles and rose petals. With their families and community members, the couples shared many unforgettable memories on this day. Read More