40 Years a Disciple of True Parents – A Reason to Celebrate and Reflect

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‘‘Life passes quickly. By the time one has become an adult, learnt to understand the affairs of the world, and here and there have done something, you are already almost past the 40 year mark. Soon afterwards you reach 50. A decade passes in the blink of an eye and in a period of time that just seems like seconds, you will be 60 years old. Then you will soon be 70, but only for a minute, until you are already older. If you think about it, the saying ‘life is just a passing dream’ never sounded more true.’’ (True Father, February 16,1989)


by FFWPU Germany, Claus Dubisz : And so it is for many of the older members; time seems to pass by ever more quickly. And it is good to pause, reflect on and to review certain periods and to share personal insights about them with one’s brothers and sisters. This was the case in Frankfurt on January 24th.

Because we were honoring not only those who had been members for 40 years, but also a 60-year veteran of our movement, Dr. Kae-Hwan Kim, we were able to inspire Rev. Young-Shik An and Jack Corley to present the certificates.

Each celebrant was able to show a few photos from his or her life in the Unification Movement (accompanied by a suitable piece of his or her favorite music), and to share a few thoughts. This was exciting and full of surprises! For example, we learned about family Kim’s visits to North Korea and their futile attempt to cut the English Blessing cake (at the time of their individual Blessing in London). Werner Lindermann related about his stark change of mission (yesterday a printer in Walldorf, today a missionary in Uruguay), and the unique path they had to follow in order to survive as a married couple in the ‘wild’ early days of our movement.

Gudrun Mobo’s life opened our eyes to the beauty of Africa and Margaret Staudinger’s photos rekindled in us many memories of the Home Church mission in Britain with Home Sweet Home and the Go World Brass Band.

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Hilde Piepenburg’s deep love for Yemen, where she spent 9 years of her church life with Fritz, came across clearly again in her reflection.

Claus Dubisz: – well, obviously – CARP and all the demonstrations at the Wall which laid an important foundation for German Reunification.

Very different were Erich Groell’s experiences as a mechanical engineer in Korea, where he laid the cornerstone for the world-wide expansion of Tongil Industries. Verena Brandt was involved in two completely different projects: in the former Ginseng shop in Frankfurt, and naturally also as the strong woman behind her husband and his restoration work in Camberg.

Manfred Rauschert was not the official photographer on this occasion and we learnt that his life would have been completely different had he not been witnessed to ten times in Munich or had he not himself, without being asked, picked up a camera. Jürgen Reinhardt and Monika Godoy  were honored in their absence.

The ceremony ended with a traditional group photo and cake-cutting. And truly amazing was the fact that despite a record-breaking length of two-and- a-half hours, this worship service was diversified and inspiring right to the very end.