Bridge of Peace “Russia – Azerbaijan”

By WFWP Russia: On February 4, Women’s Federation of Russia in cooperation with the Center of Russian and Azerbaijan culture held a Bridge of Peace program in the Moscow House of nationalities, with the theme “Building stronger relationships, friendship and cooperation”. This event was held during the Week of Interreligious harmony because Azerbaijan people are mostly Muslim and Russian people are mostly Christian. We had 120 participants.

We had prominent speakers from both sides including the representative of Azerbaijan Embassy and Secretary of the Advisory Council of the State Duma. It was the first Bridge of Peace between our cultures and it was very meaningful that not only adults but also children could cross the Bridge of Peace and could become friends. It was a very moving and heartistic ceremony and some people couldn’t hold tears.

We could really feel that we have one heart that really strives for peace and happiness for everybody.

At the conclusion of the program we had a wonderful concert that could show the beauty of different cultures.