Belgium: Fly Me to the Moon


By FFWPU Belgium, Philippe and Yoko Jacques: This documentary about the Blessing event on February 2015 Blessing was broadcasted on Flemish Belgian TV channel EEN on 1 February 2016, as part of a series «Via Annemie», now in its 3rd season. This series is watched by over 1m people in Belgium and the Netherlands.

We were invited to watch the program at the home of documentary maker and journalist Annemie Struyf. Together with us were Annemie’s family and advertising director Leentje Lybaert.

The documentary covers the Blessing at Cheong Pyeong last year. Annemie and a team of 5 people spent about 10 days in Korea to film the Blessing, the preparations and several testimonies. They returned to Belgium with great enthusiasm and plenty of footage. It was quite a challenge for them to fit all footage into a 46 minutes program. (Above)

bel-bl (3)

As soon as the television broadcast was over, many messages started coming in on our mobiles. Annemie received much appraisal and many congratulations. Some stated clearly that they found it such a good idea to match people from different races and nations to establish peace on earth.

We also received positive reactions from friends and Ambassadors for Peace. It was quite an exciting moment for us to share all those nice reactions that were coming in one after the other.

We awarded Annemie and Leentje with an Ambassador for Peace certificate. They were very moved and proud to receive it.