Albania: Special 2-Day Seminar

FFWPU Albania, Mateo Ziko: Starting from December 12th 2015 until January 30th 2016, True Parents’ Special Envoy to Albania, Rev. Shin together with our National Leader Mr. Gani Rroshi organized 2 day seminars for members in seven of our communities, and they plan to continue after Foundation Day Celebration in the remaining centers in Albania and Kosovo. In total around 150 members attended the seminar. The purpose was to share with all brothers and sisters the deep content of Divine Principle and our Heavenly Parent’s & True Parents’ heart. They were very open to receive questions from members and gave answers to them. Below are some reports from the communities where the seminars were held.

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Vlora & Fier Community (December 12th – 13th)

In this seminar, together with Vlora’s members joined Fier’s members as well. A wonderful familiar and inspirational atmosphere was created. During the seminar we had 5 sessions. Rev. Shin transmitted through his word the Holy Spirit to all members. We could see and feel clearly in his words the Heavenly Parent’s desire to transform and educate this nation. Everyone felt so much happiness to hear these words and to be with each other like a family.

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Tirana (January 16th – 17th)

The wave of 2 days’ seminars prepared with so much devotion and dedication from Rev. Shin and Mr. Gani finally could “hit” also Tirana, the capital of Albania. In this seminar participated 55 people, second Gen, Blessed Families, members, Ambassadors for Peace and new guests. Even though the audience was so diverse, the content of the lectures was so deep and could touch so smoothly participants’ hearts. A special moment was also the Holy Wine Ceremony for reawakening of our spirit and our ancestors’ spirit.

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Korça (January 23rd)

This seminar was very important for members and for guests as well. The content of the seminar explained deeply the heart and words of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. In the end of the seminar everyone was more motivated and clear in following True Parents with more passion. With around 30 participants we could rededicate ourselves toward Vision 2020.

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Elbasan (January 24th)

All the members expressed that this kind of seminar was very important for them to participate and it would be good if we can organize such seminars more often. Even though some members have few years following True Parents, they still couldn’t understand True Parents’ heart like Rev. Shin was explaining. This was a special seminar for STF members as well. After the seminar, we had a blessed time in our center with many lectures and activities.

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Durrës (January 30th)

On January 30th 2016, also in Durres center we had the opportunity to organize this special seminar with Rev. Shin and Mr. Gani. Unfortunately, we did not have a big number of participants, but even in this case the atmosphere was so wonderful. Rev. Shin spoke about our internal aspect and about our relationship with Heavenly Parent, and Mr. Gani spoke for practical things in our daily life. How we can better understand the life of faith and how we can make it more beautiful. We are very grateful to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, Rev. Shin and Mr. Gani for this seminar.