Women Tell their Stories: How women contribute to a man-made society

By WFWP Italy: The president of WFWP, Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri, was invited as a speaker at a convention organized by the president of the “Occhio dell’arte” association, Lisa Bernardini and Maria Grazia De Angelis, president of the Italian association of the study of work for organizational development.

“WOMEN TELL THEIR STORIES: how women contribute to a man-made society” was the title of the convention. The participants included women from various fields, who seek to spread an ethic, merit based, harmonious and altruistic culture.

The organizers believe that our thoughts and culture, that characterize our way of life, are led by men and there is a need to include in the lead the world of women as well. Various kinds of values need to be integrated. While maintaining respect and identity, working together to create new social models and a new way to communicate is very important in order to create a harmonious society. During the meeting many suggestions from female figures were given who shared their experiences in working for associations, education and the media.

Elisabetta Nistri spoke about the main goals of WFWP, the activities that were carried out in Italy in the past few years and about her good experiences she had in working together with great women from many different cultures. Being impressed by the presentation, the famous journalist, Giovanni Masotti from the national TV, who functioned as the moderator, addressed several questions to Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri. He was particularly interested in how it is possible to realize a world of peace according to the visions of WFWP. Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri explained that the only solution, even though it might be difficult, is to start to realize and build peace in the family. The family transmits essential values and fundamental education to people. Healthy families, in which there is harmony between the couple and their children, are the base for a healthy society.

Later an interview was done with Mrs. Elisabetta Nistri. It was published online as well as all the contents of the conference.