USA: Divine Principle Seminar Emphasizes True Love

By FFWPU USA: The International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas recently hosted a True Love Divine Principle Seminar from January 8 to 11, providing participants with the space to experience renewal and rejuvenation though the Divine Principle.

During this seminar—one of several now offered at the Peace Center—participants are invited to transform their lives through an intensive study of the Divine Principle, learning about its practical applications as well as gaining confidence in their own abilities to share its insights with friends and family. Particular emphasis is also placed on discovering new ways in which the practice of these principles can enable greater expressions of true love in one’s daily life.

A small group of five participants made it out to the January seminar, providing an intimate environment and a powerful experience for each of the attendees. Joceline Diaz, 21, related, “What I gained from this program was a deep understanding of God’s ideal for humanity, which is true love and the creation of true families. I gained inspiration for my life to follow a path more strongly connected to our Heavenly Parent and His purpose for us.”

Other attendees shared Diaz’s enthusiasm, expressing gratitude for the seminar presentations. Mackay Holmes commented, “I could see more clearly, substantially, how God’s providence is still moving forward. I was inspired by the theme and object of the seminar to understand True Love, not just the exposition of the Divine Principle.” Similarly, Dan Fernelius expressed, “I can now recommend this seminar to others who want to study or review the Divine Principle more. The presentations were honest, sincere, insightful and heartfelt.”

In keeping with True Parents’ traditions of service and care in Las Vegas,  attendees were invited to experience a boating trip on Lake Mead. One attendee, Juan Nassar, reflected on this nature outing, saying he was keenly aware of the significance of following in True Parents’ footsteps and visiting the places they had been. Diaz echoed this sentiment, “The boat ride was very inspiring to me as I was able to take time to appreciate God’s creation and the life that surrounds us in nature—an opportunity that we may not have as often as we should.”

All those seeking renewal of faith and reawakening of mind and heart are invited to Las Vegas for the next installment of this seminar, scheduled to run from February 5 to 8, 2016. For more information about this and other upcoming seminars, click on the link below