USA: CARP Students Attend Lecture Training


By FFWPU USA: A Divine Principle Lecture Training Workshop was held from January 4 to 6, 2015, at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas. Students from CARP Los Angeles and CARP Las Vegas came to participate. Guest lecturer Gerry Servito provided the students with fascinating lectures that focused on teaching about the heart of God and how to convey that through the Divine Principle.

Each day began with readings of True Father’s words about how to become a renowned Divine Principle lecturer. The discussion that followed “helped the participants understand the value of God’s Words and the importance of keeping a prayerful attitude while lecturing,” said a staff member.

Every day Mr. Servito lectured about one of the three hearts of God—the heart of joy and expectation, the heart of pain and sorrow, and the heart of grief and suffering. He spoke very deeply, based on his knowledge of the Divine Principle and Unification Thought, from what he has learned from his mentors and teachers in the Principle, and from his own life experience. He then gave a model lecture on the DP chapter of the day—the Principle of Creation on day 1, the Human Fall on day 2, and Restoration on day 3.

In teams of three or four, participants studied a section from that day’s chapter and prepared a lecture as a team. Each team had the opportunity to present its lecture in front of the whole workshop. Mr. Servito and the workshop staff offered feedback and advice.

One staff member commented, “Many of the workshop participants were very moved by the content that they learned from [Mr. Servito]. One participant shared that through understanding that the Divine Principle explains the heart of God, he has taken his understanding and connection to the DP to a whole new level, and that now he is even more excited to share the Principle with others.”

Many of the students expressed similar sentiments, especially noting a boost in their confidence in teaching the Divine Principle to others. Many are excited to continue learning and growing in this skill.

There was plenty of time for fun and bonding as well. A Family Fun Night allowed participants to get to know one another better and engage in more of a social atmosphere.

On the last night, participants discussed their experience of the workshop. Some new guests spoke about how they began studying Divine Principle through CARP and what it meant to them. Others expressed a new appreciation for the faith they had grown up with.

The CARP Los Angeles vice president closed the night in a beautiful prayer of solidarity to stand with our True Parents and give them hope. On the morning of departures, the workshop officially closed with a pledge by all the participants to become DP lecturers who can convey the heart of Heavenly Parent.

The next Divine Principle Lecture Training seminar (in USA) is happening from January 20 to 26. Sign up for this and other Divine Principle seminars here