True Parents News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV January 16, 2016


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Asian Leaders Attend Luncheon with True Parents
  2. WFWP-Korea 24th Prayer Ritual for Korean Reunification and Beginning-of-the-year Meeting
  3. Korea: Overseas Language Training for Multicultural Individuals / Korea: Preparations for the Special Musical Performance

Global News

  1. Japan: The 20th Educator’s Certification Training
  2. USA: MOMENTUM 2016
  3. France: New Year’s Interreligious Service
  4. The 5th Asian Workshop for 2nd Generation / Taiwan: Interfaith Blessing Ceremony / Thailand: The 1st Martial Arts Festival 2015 / Asia: Parent Matching Convocation
  5. Australia: Children’s Workshop