South Africa: The First Summer Workshop

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By FFWPU South Africa, Rebecca Wakabayashi: True Generation SA held its first summer workshop from the December 11 till the December 21, 2015. The overall motto of the workshop was “New Beginnings”.

The workshop was attended by Second Generation and Jacob’s children of the southern African region, with participants coming from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Swaziland, Lesotho and even Botswana. The participants were also encouraged to invite their friends to join them for the workshop as a witnessing opportunity, and indeed, several newcomers also attended!

The workshop was organized and run by True Generation Staff, with the Administrators this time only lending a helping hand where needed. The schedule included daily HDH, morning exercises, with morning lectures following breakfast. The participants received DP lectures about the three great Blessings, character development, faith, as well as the identity and meaning of being a Second Generation. Apart from lectures, there were also interactive sessions during which the children were encouraged to ask questions regarding their faith, and share difficulties with one another. The environment cultivated during said sessions were always of a supportive and non-judgmental nature. A particularly hot topic was the open talk session regarding the Blessing, during which many personal questions, fears and experiences were shared.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, the participants also had to take part in many team building exercises and sport activities. Activities included going swimming, ice skating, I am MANer, skit practice and one session of witnessing in public – which turned out to be a very positive, encouraging experience for many.

Throughout the workshop, a feeling of camaraderie and friendship spread between all participants. There was no fighting or gross disobedience ever noted. Many reported feeling “at home” and experiencing a brother/sister-like relationship with each other, even if it had been the first time many of them met each other. Gratitude to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents was also expressed with a closing ceremony and personalized cake.

Although there were some difficulties in regards to the accommodation and transport, many of these were solved by the children themselves. We do hope to fundraise enough for the next workshop so we can go to a campsite again near Capetown and also to eventually to be able to afford a van or combi so the transport issues will be solved.

All in all, the first summer workshop hosted by True Generation SA was a victory for God’s side, in the sense that the Second Generation and Jacob’s children were able to strengthen their faith, and receive encouragement regarding their beliefs. It rounded off the year in a positive fashion, and left us with an excited feeling – plans for the following winter workshop 2016 are already underway!


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