Slovakia: Our HDH Home Academy

True Father countless times asked us to do HDH with our children. As long as children are very young they are more willing to do whatever their parents do. But how to inspire older blessed children to attend HDH joyfully?


By FFWPU Slovakia, Barbara Grabner, December 29: To qualify as true parents and true teachers we should develop a fine reading culture, a task many find difficult to fulfill but is essential for the passing on of our faith and tradition. In our little family the solution to this question came along with a task the children received during Sunday school – the teacher asked them to read the whole Bible, from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. At that time Laurenc was just 13 years old. To help him accomplish his “homework” we listened to his reading for almost nine months. Every evening our son read 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes asking questions which showed that he tried to digest the difficult contents. His questions tested our competence to explain the Bible well. We all enjoyed that “Bible course” a lot.

Afterwards we read the autobiography of True Father, in addition to that came the series in Today´s Magazine “True Father´s Life in His Own Words”. Some chapters of Divine Principle we read several times. After reading various speeches we searched for religious literature which will captivate his interest and have educational value.

During the last four years we read “Jesus Christ. His Life and His Mission” by Rev. Moon as well as the HSA UWC chronicle “40 Years in America” and the exciting “Bodyguard for Christ” which also the friends of Laurenc liked a lot. Our reading list includes “True Family Values” and “The Virgin and the Priest” in their superb German translation, and some more titles. Fascinating for our son but not a fare for everybody were the two volumes of “The History of Christianity” and “Inquisition” by Charlton Sherwood. Presently we read the testimonies in the book “Footprints of True Parent´s Providence” which help the Second Generation to understand how valuable their parent ´s work in the early days was.

The comments of our son show that this goal can be achieved by such literature more than by occasional talks. Laurenc who is communicating at home in German and Slovak, knows English quite well. So there is a wide range of literature available for our little “Home Academy”. But surely there are valuable books in other languages about saints, sages or real patriots. For example “Heaven and Hell” by Emanuel Swedenborg exists in almost all European languages – though we read only selected passages of that somewhat difficult literature.

A precondition for children to like HDH is that at least one of the parents enjoys to read. Some say that books are our best friends. Perhaps that is true. In any case the “taste” for the Word needs to be cultivated from early age on throughout our life.