Portugal: Start of the Year for Ambassadors for Peace


UPF/WFWP Portugal: On January 23, 2016, we held an event at our peeace embassy under the title “Conquering the True Freedom” – World Freedom Day commemoration. It was to Initiate our Peace Ambassadors’ Activities for the year 2016; Encourage through new ways to attract more active/effective Peace Ambassadors; Attract and encourage Cooperation with new more Institutions/Associations. This event was a partnership between Universal Peace Federation and Women’s Federation for World Peace using the calendar celebration day on the “World Day of Freedom.” It was an Initiative event for our Ambassadors for Peace Activities in 2016.

We had 30 participants, some already Ambassadors for Peace and some new guests, brought by them as potential Ambassadors for Peace (also representing their own associations/organizations), one of them representing a City Hall (already our partner in some activities).

The first half of the event consisted of Entertainment – convivial songs and video songs with lyrical; Two Video presentations -» President Xanana Gusmão Testemony (5min.) and SunHak Peace Prize promotion (7min.); Introduction of WFWP, Theme Presentation and 2016 Activities Planning; Introduction of UPF, Theme Presentation and 2016 Activities Planning.

Then we had time for action Plan and Agenda Discussion:

We spoke about our need for more Active Peace Ambassadors and more ambitious national goals with substantial projects in various of our areas of expertise: Educational Contents (Character education – Moral, Ethics, Civics and Citizenship, Family, Sex, Health- Addictions,…); Lectures and conferences on various fields; Interreligious and Intercultural fields, etc,…

Then we talked also about some important differences in this year due to international guidelines, and because of that, we found that some changes should be implemented in the way the ambassadors for peace would be appointed from now on, based on some selection criteria.

With humility we asked for help and support, starting with ideas of projects, programs or sound and sustainable initiatives, and also we spoke about our necessity to achieve high levels of social decision makers such as political, academic, religious, etc.

Then we discuss these ideas and in order to listening to their comments, positions and opinions and understand which of them would be really receptive to join and support the aims of our organizations in partnership with their own/organization goals (they could also do that through filling a form willingly to help and support as a participant or as an interventive element).

The atmosphere was very high throughout the event and in the end we had very good feedbacks from all and specially some of them committed seriously to help and support our organizations with their expertise in different areas of interventions.

May God Bless our True Parent`s of Heaven, Earth and Humankind & True Family works, through all member`s efforts and determination towards Vision 2020.