Please Pray for India

krishna3We request our members to pray for a quick resolution of a very serious and unfortunate development in India, a nation where our movement has served for more than 40 years.  We are referring to an incident whereby Mr. Krishna Adhikari, the leader of our movement in India, was arrested based on what we have reason to believe are false allegations, brought forward by persons hostile to our work in India. Currently, Dr. Robert Kittel, our Special Emissary to Asia, is on site. He has examined court documents, met Mr. Adhikari and his wife, talked with members, advocates and senior advisors to our movement. We are publicizing his report (below) to help our leaders and members better understand the situation.

We have worked with Mr. Adhikari for many years and know him to be a faithful member.  We have every reason to believe he is innocent of the allegations and that the courts will prove this to be the case.

It seems that there has been discussions on the social media about Mr. Adhikari’s arrest, and some have mentioned that the sister who reported rape sent a written complaint to our office. We checked all of our communications for the past few months but could not find any such message or complaint sent to us digitally or on paper.

As you know, we abhor any form of sexual abuse, and especially the crime of rape. At the same time we have ample reason to believe Mr. Krishna Adhikari is innocent and a victim of false accusation. We trust that the justice system of India will affirm his innocence.

Please pray for a swift resolution of this very tragic incident, and that everyone involved will be guided by the truth and spirit of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Thank you very much.


Krishna Adhikari is Innocent

A report by Dr. Robert Kittel

The Indian media headline which declares, “Two Rape Woman from Northeast for a Year, Arrested” is blatantly false.

I am currently in New Delhi, India and have read the First Information Report (FIR) (English translation) as well the Bail Application (in English). I have talked with legal counsel, family, friends and our respected senior leaders and advisors.

Unfortunately, this case was allowed to be filed under section 376 of the Indian penal code, which is specifically designated for rape cases. However, the bail petition presented to the court notes that, “it is no where stated in the FIR that she was raped.” This petition further states that “there is no averment [categorical statement] in the FIR that the Prosecutrix [alleged victim] was raped or (had) sexual intercourse without her consent…”

Supposedly this episode took place in a small 3-bedroom center where at the time of the alleged incident 4 men were sleeping in a room designated as the brothers’ room and 3 women were sleeping in another room designated as the sisters’ room. In the third room, where the unproven incident purportedly took place, Krishna was sleeping with his wife and 8-month-old daughter.

Our unanimous conclusion is that the national leader, Mr. Krishna Adhikari, is innocent; these charges are fictitious and false. We trust the Indian legal system will vindicate him quickly allowing justice to be served at the earliest.