Panama: A New Beginning Assembly

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FFWPU Central America: The National Leader Family Mr. Toribio De Lora and his wife Mrs. Angela De Souza declares that they want to attend True Parents as One and work together with all Panama members in order to offer substantial results to the vision 2020.

The first assembly for all Panamá Unificationists members was held at the FFWPU Panama HQ on January 9-10, 2016. All the blessed families and members reaffirm their support and loyalty to True Parents offering sincere devotion to serve and attend True Parents as One!

FFWPU members welcomed a new motto “A new beginning, a new opportunity for renewal our faith” said the Regional President of Central America and the Caribbean, Rev. Kim San Suek.

Blessed Families and members centered on the national leader Mr. Toribio de Lora Jeannette were united for a new Church reorganization, as they believe that implementation will be a good strategy for the Vision 2020.

Two new vice presidents were appointed under the National Leader, and they will help him to guide and manage the church with a clear direction, focused on preparing new Cheon Il Guk leaders for the future.

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Blessed families, 2nd generation and members made a commitment of perseverance and determination for unity, and they signed with the heart that they are with True Mother, they want to protect their environment and faith in Panama Church.

During this event, Dr. Tyler Hendrik, spoke to members about True Parents. His clear explanation helped to have a good overview of the words of the True Parents, the mission and the hard work of the True mother in this time commanding the providence together with True Father in the spirit world. “Truth is unchanging, but how we express it changes. Truth has a mission, to bring happiness.”

Also Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Special Emissary invested his heart to clarify all the doubts of the members and gave a deeper explanation of the changes and direction that True Mother is making.

Rev. Kim Sang Suek, Regional President for Central America and Caribbean region explained about the recent events in Panama and the new administrative reorganization and changes, emphasized about the providential importance of our movement in Panama and how much love True Parents have invested in our region and Panamá.

He concluded saying “we always need to return to the root of our faith and Heavenly Parent’s words.