Nepal: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Quarterly Meeting

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By FFWPU Nepal: “Father has given us the title of Tribal messiah.” (04-09-89)There were hundredths of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leaders gathered last January 16–17, 2016 an FFWPU-Nepal Headquarters.

“We have to follow Father’s footprints exactly then we are free. There is no other way.” For last two months, our Cheon Il Guk Envoy to Nepal, FFWPU-Nepal president, Leaders from different providential organization, blessed families, Ambassador for Peace and brothers and sisters, went to the field and work together to follow true father’s footprint and to answer the call of being a Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Within two months, we blessed more than 60 thousand couple more than 20 thousand single married, 600 Ambassador for Peace Awardees, 2 Cabinet Ministers, 3 State Ministers and 21 Member of Parliament attended throughout Nepal. 136 it’s an incredible number of blessing event within two months. It’s a Heavenly whirlwind.

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“The most precious title of tribal messiah has been given to you. Do not ever stain it. Keep it holy. Once you dishonor this blessing it is miserable. Not only for you but all of your descendants. This is a fearful thing. You make the decision so how can you deny it. Every cell has been blessed. No matter how much you receive persecution, it is the easy way. Father did it and when I look back I see victory accumulated.” Our CIG Envoy to Nepal and Minister of Peace and Reconstruction Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, gave a clear pipeline on how we going to bring them into the church and educate them deeply thru divine principle and teach them the heavenly tradition, according to heavenly parents and true parents will. Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, FFWPU-Nepal president gave us a clear as crystal direction and guidance. Leaders from different providential organizations, Ambassador for Peace, Blessed Families and brothers and Sisters who are present during the 2 day Heavenly Tribal Messiah Quarterly Meeting are being lifted up their spirit high and push to the limit, some participants says. The fire burning spirit of brothers and sister are continuously heating the bush deep to the ground. As they go back to their perspective area and places where they belong, they bring the inspiration on how they will make true parents happy; this is there life and death determination.

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“If you run away you are foolish. What should you do? Be a Tribal messiah. The national cosmic messiah work is already done. Many times you denied me. Receive this precious time. You must make success in the future.” Father said.

We concluded the 2 day Heavenly Tribal Messiah Quarterly meeting with the three cheers of Eog Mansie, led by the CARP-Nepal president, Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari.

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