Malaysia: Peace Loving Youth Assembly

By UPF Malaysia: On January 23, 2016, UPF Malaysia organized a Peace Loving Youth Assembly in Good Hope Hotel Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Centering on the theme, “Love Peace, Love Nation and Love People”, some 700 teachers and students and of different nationalities, races and cultures from different high schools, university and colleges were mobilized together creating an amazing scene of one global family.

To ignite the positive atmosphere, the afternoon event started with every participants dancing to “Bounce” lead by some of the 3rd batch cadets from Universal Peace Academy of Korea. Everybody happily bounced together with the simple steps which is easy to learn. A welcoming remarks was given by Mr. Albert Lee, the secretary general of UPF Johor and an opening remarks was given by Mr. Joachim Ng, vice president of UPF Malaysia. It was followed by graceful cultural performances, by the Cheon Ill Guk Youth Missionaries from Korea and Japan.  To address the main purpose of the event, Mr. Sudesh, presented a consecutive lectures on Character Building in order to gain success and the importance of keeping purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage. The lecture on “The Way of Character Building” blew the minds of many of the PHD students in their 30’s and 40’s that were present as Mr. Sudesh shared that we not only need to educate the mind but we have to educate the heart as well. The huge number of participants, which filled the main hall, was very inspired and Mr. Sudesh walks through the aisle as he presented the lecture to purposely ask both young and old participants frank questions regarding pure love. The lecture aims to prepare the students ahead before their marriage life. It was then followed by the recitation of Pure Love Pledge headed by two student representatives.   Five new Youth Ambassador for Peace were also appointed during this event.

In between the program, there were also 2 sessions of lucky draws which add more excitement to all the participants.  The event ended with a closing remark by Mr. Yutaka Yamada, International Director to Malaysia for UPF, FFWPU and CARP where in some juncture, he called 3 student representatives to shout out their dreams with a vigorous spirit of the youth. The participants from different schools meet each other as strangers but they leave the hall with a spirit of becoming brothers and sisters and friends to all.

Pursuing Heavenly Parents and True Parents ideal and for the vision 2020, members in Malaysia  continue to march forward and started the year 2016 with a new determination through this Peace Loving Youth Assembly. The mobilizers of the event who are from different centers in Malaysia, centered on one goal, worked together as one and rendered their support without reservation. Through the heart of ownership of all fulltime members, second generation and first generation members of Malaysia, the event was successfully done.