Lithuania: Weekly Blessed Wife’s Meeting and HoonDokHwe

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By FFWPU Lithuania: In Lithuania our unification family is actively practicing home group style activity. We are creating unity among Blessed Families and with our church leader.

We are reading the book “A natural church development” by Christian Schwarz, and are practicing the 10 key recommendations out of it. This month we practiced the Gift- Oriented Ministry. The essence of it is that the role of church leaders is to help the members in revealing their talents and help to apply them in public services and ministering.

Every morning we make condition of jeongseong and HoonDokHae. Weekly, we hold Sisters’ meetings. They share and discuss different issues, study True Parents’ words, consider methods to apply them in our daily life, and set up goals for the coming week.

We use the Blessed wives’ meetings as a means to attend and receive guidance of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Participants can improve their motivation and learn how to accomplish the tribal messiahship mission.

On December 19, we held a home group workshop and a meeting of Blessed families; the guidance was given by our national leader, Akira Nakamura. We discussed the way to organize and identify ourselves, create a culture of true love through our group activity, and fulfill the Vision 2020 in Lithuania.