Heavenly Tribal Messiah: Hawaii Can Do It!

By FFWPU USA: The second of a series of Tribal Messiahship seminars, “We Can Do It” took place on January 23 and 24 in Hawaii. Demian Dunkley, the director of evangelism at FFWPU USA, was the special guest lecturer in this weekend workshop about achieving success in Tribal Messiahship—one’s personal outreach ministry.

“For many, Tribal Messiahship seems unattainable,” said Demian. “You’ll often hear questions like: What is it, and how do we do it? How do we share the Marriage Blessing, and are there resources available for support? In this seminar we work through the obstacles to gain confidence in our Tribal Messiahship.”

Thirty Unificationist families from Hawaii participated in the workshop, including one Unificationist from Kona who plans to share the seminar content with his local community.

Demian facilitated the workshop using a Heavenly Tribal Messiah Handbook and several group sessions as well as time for personal reflection.

“Demian put us through grueling exercises, whereby one small step at a time I began to catch the bigger picture, the bigger goal, the bigger possibilities,” said participant Linda Nagai. “I saw the real possible vision for the next three years unfolding. I began to envision the new culture we will be practicing right from the start, as we develop our first weeks of outreach strategy.”

“This seminar was very different from our conventional workshop,” said Rev. Kazuo Takami, Pastor of the Honolulu Family Church. “Everyone was required to be involved and actually participate.”

“It was very refreshing to receive a more interactive approach to workshop training,” said participant Rev. Ernie Ho. “I think this style of education is very effective because it engages us.”

“This workshop provided a missing link, a maternal type of investment that is designed to bring out and remind us of what is already inside of us and induce us to take the steps ourselves,” said participant Mary Ellen Legay.

“It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle,” said another participant. “Everybody was putting their own piece to the frame of our collective tribe and gradually a beautiful picture came to appear.”

On the first day, the group gathered at Hemenway Hall at the University of Hawaii’s Manoa campus. They had a chance to share testimonies and memories of True Parents as they were asked to think back to the time they first heard the Divine Principle. Everyone was asked to reflect on the question, “What is my life purpose and what do I really want to achieve?” They were also asked to reflect on big-picture questions, such as: “What are God and True Parents’ top priorities?” and “What does this society need?”

“In my personal experience, through day one of the program, I felt these three factors of my personal passion, providential goals and social needs were becoming one integrated issue in my mind,” said Rev. Takami.

Another important achievement of the first day was that five teams (called “clans”) were formed in which its members agreed to work together for next three months. They all decided to hold a weekly meeting as clans, after which clan leaders will report to the pastor in a weekly clan leaders’ meeting.

“The idea of the whole community as a tribe and then small groups as a clan is so fitting to the island culture,” said participant Margaret Polloi-Sisserson. “To actually have a small clan to work with is so great. I feel inspired that this clan will develop into a real long lasting neighborhood of friends. This clan is a practical way of navigating, getting support and being empowered to finally be on our own and accomplish Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.”

On the second day of the seminar, the group gathered at Ala Wai Elementary School. They opened the day by choosing their three-month goals for their “Oahu Tribe” (the new Tribal Messiah nickname for the Honolulu Family Church community).

“We all agreed to plan a ‘True Family Values Blessing Festival’ in May at the Botanical Garden,” said Rev. Takami.

In a personal goal-setting exercise they then each decided how many people they would like to bring to the Marriage Blessing in May. The total number turned out to be 79 couples to receive the Marriage Blessing and 229 guests to watch!

“This number is high, however I believe this two-day seminar helped our community to think big,” said Rev. Takami. “This number is evidence of how much the participants were inspired and became hopeful through this seminar. My six-month job was done just in two days!”

“I gained a new spiritual life through participating in this unique mind-opening and goal-setting exercise,” said participant Hitoshi Nagai. “I learned to set a higher goal that is not limited by own concept and resources. Today, I was able to make a new beginning.”

Commit to taking charge of your Tribal Messiahship today. The good news is, you’re not alone, and you don’t have to do it alone! Form your clan and browse familyfed.org/tribe for videos, resources, and more.