Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing in Mozambique

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By FFWPU Mozambique, Paluku December 20, 2015: This December we hold a Interfaith Peace Blessing in Beira (Sofala Province) and Gondola (Manica Province). Families who participated in those events were very happy and now they are going through 40 Days separation period. HDK Materials were given to them.

At the same time of blessing event, at Manica Province, a 7 days Divine Principle WS was going on. More than 40 participants attended. Among them 8 high school teachers. All them (High school teachers) attended the blessing. They promised to invite their colleagues to learn DP and also to receive the blessing.

Since we started Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities; blessed families who were struggling before in their families and now are actives in HTM activities are now very happy. They stop fighting. They are working together to raise spiritual children. HTM activities is bringing more harmony in Mozambican blessed families and also in our church. We are all working together to be victorious in our missions as Tribal Messiahs. One of our blessed members was moved by Heavenly Parents during HDK service (we hold hdk service 2 times every day – 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in evening) and offered two thousand us dollars to support church activities.

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