HARP Winter Workshop: You Decide to Grow


By FFWPU Spain: We hold Harp Winter workshop with 16 participants from the 28th of December till the 3rd of January in the Manantial del Corazón. And our motto was “You decide to grow”.

The theme of the workshop wanted to convey the message of the importance of being yourself largely responsible for your growth; You do not get anything pushing people and limiting them unless they find themselves the reason why they want to have passion for something, or why they want to be better people.

The theme was accompanied by a sub motto “stop wearing diapers” which refers metaphorically to all those times when people act like babies; maybe some participants were too young for this way of thinking but we think that is better for all harp participants to start thinking about taking responsibilities, knowing how to deal with the freedom that is given to them, with educational classes about themes like initiative and perseverance.

Every day, during the workshop there was time to reflect and pray, in order for the participants to develop a good habit and discover themselves and what they can change or do better.

Participants were able to get some detail and depth of the Divine Principle, some lectures about purity, and in this workshop we have had HDH testimonies of the second-generation older brothers and sisters as an inspiration in the morning.

It’s always possible to create a great environment for young people and we can see that it improves after each workshop; thank you very much for your support.