France: Presidential Close Encounter

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By FFWPU France, Gilbert and Josielle Campagne: It was just four days after the Paris bombing so whilst giving myself legitimate feelings for wanting to stay indoors for security had received a reception invitation hosted by the Maltese President earlier, it seemed unloyal, after having promised GOD only a week earlier to go and meet her Excellency. Knowing it was risky to frequent Paris so soon, True Father’s words re vibrated in my head’ “When did you witness at the risk of your life?”. Nevertheless, nothing and nobody’s dissuasion was going to win over the determination that witnessing was, is and always will be a mandate from GOD, be it via internet, phone and in even in any physically limited situation, everywhere and anyhow!

As on the way we swerved through heavy traffic obstacles, «We’ll give our lives for unity” from the loyalty ‘Tongil ‘,sung over the decades ,gently and softly kept coming to mind, as life risk situations since the age of three flashing mentally gave visions of people who willingly, happily give up their  lives & loved ones’ ‘for a higher purpose whilst reconsidering there was no reason for being faint of heart since the bible mentions 365 times ‘Do not be afraid ‘whilst coming from a George Cross bravery awarded country and bearing a surname emblem ‘Fight For Righteousness’ !

fr-fWith President M. L. Coleiro Preca Josielle & myself entered the Maltese embassy and indeed met her Excellency President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca who received us unimaginably warmly, while happily greeting people with hugs making all feel at ease in her presence, reminded us of our aunty Polly! Presenting her with a Maltese version of ‘The Divine Principle’ gift she delighted in excitedly enquiring what’s it about. Her Excellency who created ‘The President’s Foundation for Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society showed particular interest in our philanthropical Unification self-supported Culture exclaimed “Oh my GOD, Ruth, did you hear that ‘Culture et Paix’ take a note; quickly take notes!” to Dr. Ruth Farrugia, the general director of the foundation, who happened to be a classmate for several years in a primary & secondary school, Josielle attended. Ruth is fondly remembered as a kind, reliable hard working student with a considerate attitude in always wanting to help all students: the president couldn’t have found a more suitable person for The Wellbeing Society indeed!

pari-bm (2)With Dr. Ruth Farrugia (school mate) we asked the President to meet Mr.& Mrs. Corlett (WFWP)on our behalf when back in Malta and to spread Unification Culture abundantly everywhere to which she promised: “I will surely spread Unification Culture out, let’s keep in touch!”.

As we drove home upon an unusual pleasant mild November weather, the atmosphere seemed as agreeable as upon cloud nine, thinking even if jihadies shot us on the way back, our historical deed in connecting France & Malta in the name of True Parents is done, opening another door towards the 2020 World Unification Victory.

Ps: as handicapped persons with no children, we manage internet witnessing, slipping good links bookmarks in bestsellers when we can go out or while Gilbert does some shopping, when possible to accompany, Josielle sits in handicapped car, and calls out people, who often approach to help but then they listen to her witnessing and receive leaflets … etc.

Never a day passes she doesn’t find a pretext to send me out to witness to someone. While she invests numerous contacting on internet especially in joining Facebook conversation and directing to appropriate Divine Principle angle associated projects and leaving lecture, project and autobiography links.

Young people usually do not imagine being old 20 or so years later, so it seems we have to mark our territory without any loss of opportunity or time, this is the reason we would like to share with all to encourage everyone, as Heavenly Parent always accepts and uses our efforts and knows what’s in everyone’s heart. Time is running short, 2020 is round the corner.

Let us do our best, taking heed of every opportunity knowing that even in our dreams we can still do our work as the Tribal Messiah without any limitation. Remember that Heavenly Parent and True Parents were waiting for a such a long time. Let us move the providence! We all can be united and do it!

Let’s do it!