Indonesia: Family Education and Blessing

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By UPF-FFWPU Indonesia, Ursula McLackland: This 1-day UPF Interfaith Seminar and Marriage Blessing focused on educating the participants on True Parent’s family philosophy and value of marriage. This program was conducted in the Auditorium of Manado City Mayor’s Office on January 16, 2016 and the Acting Mayor sent his representative to attend and give his Welcome Address. Some districts heads in Manado also attended this program under the direction of the Acting Manado City Mayor.

Drs. Amos Kenda Official at City Mayor’s Office “I have seen similar programs like this, but this one is very good. I think we can work together and with better preparation we can bring more couples and the result will be much more impressive. My suggestion is that we should have each religious representative to present what marriage is from their view respectively and then UPF can make an overall conclusion on marriage in the lecture like this.”

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