Divine Principle Workshop: JeonDo is Life and Life is JeonDo

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By FFWPU Romania: are grateful that we could organize this workshop (from January 3, to January 10, 2016) together with our family members in order to start this new year, 2016, and prepare for this year’s JeonDo (Witnessing) activities. We feel more and more that JeonDo is life and life is JeonDo, so we want to take it serious and invest with sincere heart in this holy work. The purpose of the Workshop was to reflect about last year and realize what were our good points and what we need to improve more, in order to really bring victory for Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

First three days we took time to reflect more on ourselves, what are our weak points and difficulties in our life of faith and how can we overcome them, so we can become a loving person that can proudly represent God. We shamefully admitted that our heart is still small and many times we couldn’t have a loving heart in order to support our brothers

and sisters. We used the Zero-based thinking method to find the critical factors that are influencing our growth, in which we included the Sense of responsibility, Control emotions, Self- esteem, Time management, Overcoming fallen nature and others. With a heart of repentance, we determined ourselves to improve these points and become a more mature person and a better Subject partner.

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Second part, we analyzed the critical successful factors for JeonDo realizing that Studying Divine Principle and lecturing, Doing spiritual conditions for our object partners and Motivating guests for Divine Principle study are things that we need to work on more, but we were also happy to see that HoonDokHea was one of our successful points, the Environment that we could create in our JeonDo center and also the Projects that we could organize together with our CARP members.

We wanted to close the Workshop with some time for deeper reflection to find determination for this year, so in the last day we went to climb the mountain. The trip was nice and the nature really inspired us with its beauty and purity, everything being covered with shining, white snow.

Sunday we offered to Heavenly Parents and True Parents our Resolution for this year, our determination and hope for the year. We also shared our mission statement that we made during this Workshop, the reason why are we living and what is motivating us to go forward.

We ended this Workshop with hope and confidence that we can be better this year, more loving and willing to sacrifice for the others. We are grateful to be chosen to do this mission and we will really try to do our best! Aju!

We would like to offer this report, with sincere gratitude to our beloved Heavenly Parent, thank you very much.

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