Divine Principle Workshop in “Harmony Farm”

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By FFWPU Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard: With the theme “Before trying to Dominate the Universe, Dominate yourself” taken from True Parent Words, The FFWPU in Dominican Republic hold a 4-days Divine Principle Workshop on January 21-24, 2016 in the La Finca Armonia (Harmony Farm), the farm given by our True Parents.

This is the second seminar with the theme “Before try to dominate de Universe, Dominates yourself” which is our main concern to teach Divine Principle to university students who are the next persons to take responsibility for the development of the nation.

Few of them whom participated in the last 7-days seminar in Pico Duarte Mountain, since they felt and got a strong motivation to follow the teaching of the Divine Principle , they came back bringing friends to listen the great content, even few of them are very enthusiastic up to the point to learn how to become lecturer of the Divine Principle .

Rev. Dae Hee Hong, our special envoy, directly was teaching the first lecture every day, follow by the national leader, Mr. Leonidas Belliard and the UPF general secretary, Mr. Cesar Regalado as the three lecturers for whole seminar.

Even though the lectures were given in a very humble house lacking of many facilities, since it is a gift from True Parent, participants enjoyed very much every moment and could feel the greatness of creation through doing challenging walking in the mountain without been budded by the rain during night.

The participants were moved by the content of the Divine Principle. The power of this teaching will bring together all the people from different religious and cultural background.

Mr. Bernardo Cruz, national president of CARP, together with Mrs. Tamara Gomez and Mr. Felix Castillo as assistant worked very hard to do the preparation for this seminar, so we could have natural running water from mountain and eat pumpkins and several fruits harvested already in the farm. And also the participants enjoyed natural swimming in the natural river at the beginning of the farm.

In this way we are making the foundation for building the Training & Education center in the farm in order to raise the new leaders in the Dominican Republic.

We had 35 participants and 25 of them were new guests, so, we are reaching the goal to teach whole Divine Principle to 50 new students and raise them up to the level to become members who can be pioneers to develop the providence in other prefectures.




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