Congo: Seminar for the Youth

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By FFWPU Congo, Achille Mouanda: On January 10, 2016, after a heavy rain which prevented most members to visit their local churches, the Secretary General of the FFWPU Congo, Mr. Achille Mouanda after his 40 days seminar in Benin (November 8–December 19, 2015), organized a conference as part of activities of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah, with the theme “Youth, your Future first, after sex. We had 20 participants.

The conference began with an introductory prayer offered by Mr. Mouanda Pierre Alain, a 360,000 blessed family.

In the main lecture we spoke about the importance of youth as hope of the nation. And the dangers they face particularly in regards to the gender. The dangers of free sex as the origin of evil is really serious in other words misuse of sex can shatter everyone’s dreams.

The point was to teach the young people that it is time for them to set a goal and change their live style while they are still in their childhood, as the great figures of history all had a clear sense of purpose in their lives. It was to give the youth the guidance on the life style that can lead them to becoming God’s temple so that God’s Spirit can dwell in them.

This lecture stimulated the participants to invest in their education, to work hard and commit to use their talents to help the world instead of thinking only of their own interests.

Mr. Achille Mouanda then spoke about True Parents who invest in education of youg people all around the world with a particular interest in young people and feel great joy when they can know and understand them by heart.

After the lecture, participants wrote their resolutions in the New Year 2016. And the event concluded with a closing prayer offered by Mr. Achille Mouanda and a family photo.

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