Starting the New Year with Inspiration for Tribal Messiahship

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By FFWPU Austria: For January 3rd, the first Sunday of 2016, I chose the topic of “Tribal Messiah” for my sermon, which included 2 short videos from the American Family Federation’s homepage. The first one was „We need Tribes“. It explains shortly the importance of tribes in our modern age.

The second video was „Witnessing is Love“, which connected to the main message of the sermon: witnessing means to give love intentionally and unconditionally. Also, in building our tribe we should include everybody whom God brought into our lives and perform acts of goodness every day for one or three people.

Another point of the sermon was that Blessed families should register as Tribal messiahs and start the work by making a list of their potential tribe members, their spiritual children.

After the sermon the brothers & sisters met in teams which had been organized more or less according to the living place of the families, in order to discuss tribal messiahship activities.

In Vienna and the surrounding area there are many families who have already been doing tribal messiah’s work for many years, but after our new start in the year more families began to write down their lists of possible spiritual children who will form their tribe.

We will concentrate on tribal messiahship activities throughout the year.

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One example of Tribal Messiahship activities is the Hobl family from Vienna. Here is a short report:

Hobl Family from Vienna: Hannes & Madeline Hobl have been blessed in 1978. For many years Hannes had his own painting company. Now he is retired, but the contacts he could make through his work remained. When True Father’s Autobiography was available in German language, he was one of the first who distributed it to 430 people.

Some years ago Hannes published his own small autobiography under the title: „My Way back to God“ in which he recalls the most precious events from joining the movement until recent years. He also used this book as a witnessing tool.

In December 2015 he organized an event in Vienna Headquarters where he presented his second book: “Brunei’s many faces.“ He and his wife Madeleine became National Messiahs to Brunei in 1997, and Hannes spent time there whenever his work allowed him to travel there. At the event in December he recalled memories of Brunei, but also gave a speech which encapsulated the essential points of the Divine Principle.

More than 20 guests attended who came from the many social activities Hannes and his wife conduct on a regular basis: singing in local choirs, holding health seminars, doing painting work for his clients. Beside these contacts Hannes also contacted several local politicians of Vienna and gave them True Father’s Autobiography. One of the local politicians even attended the event in headquarters. On that evening we could see the broad foundation this Blessed couple built through many years.

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