Australia: 2015 Children’s Workshop

By FFWPU Oceania: The Oceania Leadership Team organized and ran the 2015 Children’s workshop in Sydney, Australia from the 29th to the 31st of December in S.

Upon arrival the children sang songs and had an introduction to the OLT members. They were shown where to sleep and prepared their beds.

The day’s activities opened with a game of Name bingo so the young members could learn the names of the OLT members and vice versa. They then had fun activities such as drawing & communication and musical chairs before lunch.

After lunch Kyomi Muraoka gave a lecture to the kids about the importance of purity. They then went outside to central park and played Matanage. Once back in the center the OLT held a scavenger hunt for them. After dinner, the OLT brother Etienne gave them a lecture on respect. The day closed with a game of Werewolf and then a closing meeting, offering the day to True Parents.

On the second day all participants woke up early for Hoon Dok Hae and morning sports in the local park. We then had a breakfast and a morning meeting. In the morning meetings we shared schedule, invited Heavenly Parents into our schedule and sang songs in preparation for our day.

For the first activity of the day Etienne played trivia with the participants. This was followed by a lecture by Daniel on the Universe, talking about its great size and our significance to it. They then spent time on craft, making their graduation hats. It was then time for lunch. Mrs. Yoo and the center members helped out a lot with food preparation.

After lunch they went to the park at Sydney Uni and had a great water battle. Once they had returned victoriously they made vision boards and began preparing a skit for the final morning.

In the evening they continued to practice for their skit and we closed the final day together. There was some small drama that night when one of the participants broke a finger when their bedroom window fell suddenly onto her hand. Rev Lim, took her to the hospital immediately, and fortunately she was well enough the next day to participate with the other member’s in the closing ceremony.

On the final morning we had HDH, sports and meeting like normal, then the kids prepared the skit and finally performed for their parents in the closing ceremony, where certificates and lolly bags were presented.