Asian Leadership Conference

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UPF Asia Ursula McLackland: UPF Asia held another Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) on the theme “Global Peace in the 21st Century: Asia’s Responsibility” in Bangkok, Thailand from Jan. 7 – 11, 2016. Among the 49 participants from 4 different countries in Asia were high level VIPs from Cambodia such as the Director General of the Ministry of Civil Service, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Interior and the Vice Governors of Bontey Meanchay and Kampong Chhang Provinces.

This ALC was special in that Cambodia sent 42 leaders and government officials to study Father Moon’s principles and work for peace. After a 2-day education program and participation in the Interfaith Peace Blessing at the Thailand Peace Embassy, all of them fully committed themselves to work with UPF for the success of the upcoming International Leadership Conference at the National Assembly and the International Youth Convention with 50,000 participants in Phnom Penh. They also determined to conduct Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremonies in all the districts and provinces under their responsibility and make Cambodia a model nation for filial piety and marital fidelity.

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The presentation on “The Attributes of True Love” by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of UPF Asia, struck a deep cord in the hearts of all participants. They realized that true love is not calculating but investing yourself ‘100%, 120%’ for the sake of your object partner. During the Blessing Ceremonies, couples embraced each other and promised each other with radiant smiles on their face to give 100%, 120%, 150% True Love to each other.

Conducting the Blessing Ceremony as part of the ALC is a new and very powerful component that makes deep impact on the hearts of the participants and allows them to inherit the model and high standard set by the Thai family. Couples who participated in the Blessing and Indemnity Stick Ceremony started their 40-day separation period right away and are now eager to learn about the 3-day ceremony from their local chapters. They will be our John the Baptists to conduct the Heavenly Tribal Blessings in their area. The VIP couple from Indonesia has already offered to become the lecturers for their hometown in Manado, North Sulawesi.

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