Asia Parent Matching Convocation


Blessed Family Department Asia, Ursula McLackland: For the last 5 consecutive years, Dr. and Mrs. Chung Sik Yong have been investing themselves and their family to raise up and guide the elder 2nd generations of Asia. Every Christmas vacation, 2nd generations, 13 years and above, from all over Asia as well as Japan and Korea, and their parents gather in Bangkok from Dec. 26 – Jan. 2 for a life-changing experience. The goal of this workshop is to let 2nd generations understand their identity as 2nd gens, understand the value of the Blessing, connect to True Parents in heart and honestly confess past sins and mistakes so that they can prepare themselves to receive the Blessing in the future.

This year we reached a new level. Not only has the number of workshop participants grown to over 150 but we also conducted a Parent Matching Convocation (PMC) right afterwards for the first time.


60 parents received True Mother’s guidance about their responsibilities to raise, educate and guide their children to the Blessing through the Parent Matching process. They learned the international standard for candidate qualification and Parent Matching from Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Director of BFD Asia, and received hope and inspiration through testimonies of other parents who have already matched their children successfully. Dr. Yong stressed for parents to make spiritual conditions. If they connect to our Heavenly Parent’s heart and desire, have unity among husband and wife as well as between parents and children, then God will surely guide them to find the right spouse for their child. Finally the candidates’ parents were given 10 minutes to introduce their children to the other families.

During Hoon Dok Hae next morning, Dr. Yong shared True Father’s Words on the significance and value of the First Night. We had not realized before that it is the transition from God’s Indirect Dominion to God’s Direct Dominion, the connecting point between these two realms. The rest of the day was spent by the parents meeting each other and sharing about their children and families. The also had the chance to consult with Dr. and Mrs. Yong and receive their personal guidance.

Though the number of candidates was small, miraculously all parents present found a potential match for their child and promised to continue their communication with the other family after returning home; some matches seemed to be ‘made in heaven’ and the parents shared with tears how they felt our Heavenly Parent’s deep love and guidance for their families.

I believe this PMC was an important stepping stone in setting up a successful parent matching tradition in Asia and help our elder second generations to become model couples and inspiration for their younger brothers and sisters.

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