First Tong-il Moodo Festival 2015

By TIMD Thailand: On December-22 – 26, 2015, World Tong-il Moo Do Thailand conducted the first matial arts festival 2015, at International Martial arts Academy (IMA) SEDOWON. Its aim is to develop the mutual relationship of the students as a brother and sister under God, And to understand the true meaning of Martial Arts.

This Tong-il Moo Do Workshop and festival is organized by World Carp President Master Olan Srisuttisa ard at the same time TIMD Thailand president, and through the effort of Mr. Lito Tariman (TIMD International Instructor) with the full cooperation of all Thailand W-CARP leaders, especially to Mr. Sutin Sribunplaeng, (Northeast TIMD Chairman, and Master Pittaya Srisuwan, IMA director together the 8 Instructors, 4 from Philippines and three from Thailand.

The event participated with 54 students which came from different university of Thailand including, Ramkhamhaeng University, Tammasat University Rajabaht Chiang Rai University, Rajabaht Chiang Mai, University, pitsanulok University.

The day was started with the heart challenge activities (fundraising) which all the participants experience the trough meaning of sacrifice by living for the sake of others.