Uruguay and Argentina: Bridge of Peace

WFWP Uruguay: WFWP and UPF hold special event en National Garden, Montevideo Uruguay, together with Argentine movement. November 28th, 2015, 8 Argentine WFWP members and 4 peace ambassadors visited to Montevideo, Uruguay in order to realize this encounter.

120 persons participated in this event, which consisted of two main programs.

In the First program, five panelists, including UPF President of Uruguay y Argentina, gave interesting presentations briefly about “Value and Culture for Peace”.

After this first program they planted two olive trees in the garden of Peace Embassy (Uruguay national Garden) as memorial ceremony

In the second part, after the music performance realized by second generations, WFWP realized “Bridge of Peace” Ceremony. Latin America WFWP President, Mrs. Ezzat Ferabolli, also came to Uruguay to guide this event.