Germany: UN Universal Children’s Day

By WFWP Germany, Ute Lemme: On November 22, 2015 an event with Sonja Dengler from Neckargmünd entitled ‘Tiqua – saving children’s lives!’ was hosted by WFWP Stuttgart in the premises of UPF.

Ute Lemme greeted the 23 participants and introduced Sonja Dengler from the association ‘Tiqua’ which has the goal of giving advice to pregnant women who find themselves in conflict about their situation. ‘Tiqua’ means hope. 2015 UNICEF Germany and the German Children’s Fund called for the rights and needs of all children to be given a central place in politics and society under the motto, ‘children are welcome!’

Right at the beginning of her presentation, Ms. Dengler addressed this motto, by drawing attention to the fact that the UNO has voted to deny the unborn child any human rights. As examples, she pointed out that in Europe and especially in Germany, a false picture of marriage, family and children was and is created in the media by the private opinions of (mostly unmarried) journalists and (mostly childless) social workers. The politicians then adjust to these ‘facts’ and the citizens are duped.

Abortion is made palatable and easy for women conflicted about their pregnancies. The women do not know or are unaware of the fact that they irreversibly destroy an unborn child. Using slides, Ms. Dengler illustrated how the decision of a woman in conflict about her pregnancy is influenced by the expectations of up to 13 others, individuals or groups. This is where ‘Tiqua’ gets involved. The task of counseling is painstaking. Even while surrounded by negative influences, a woman has to find the way to give an emotional yes to her unborn child. It is a battle against time. In the style of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, for Ms. Dengler it is all about ‘grasping the wheel by the spokes’.

She used the example of ‘Lea’, ages 28, in the 6th week of pregnancy, to show how her conflict counseling takes its course in a complicated environment. Not only does Ms. Dengler offer advice and help to women, she also gives presentations to social workers and lessons to school classes. Her wide experience and a wealth of written material is at her disposal for this work.

Then there was an opportunity for questions and answers: for example -‘how is the association financed?’ Tiqua’s demanding work is not supported by the state. Its work is supported exclusively by donations. Ms. Dengler described her path from a convinced feminist to a deeply religious Catholic and altruistic advisor and helper for pregnant women. She has had to put up with much persecution and abuse. She cannot rely on any alliances. She must make the first steps alone with her faith in God – and then she finds allies. Do the churches offer any help? Often the churches bend with the trend. There are a few people on whom she can depend to support her work, and one person to whom she is very grateful is the priest Heinrich Spaemann who has helped her very much.

We all were deeply impressed by Ms Dengler and her presentation. Then everybody had the opportunity to look at the displayed materials and to have discussions over refreshments. We offered Ms. Dengler a donation of 275 € to support her work.