Two Day Divine Principle Seminar: How to Restore Human Values

FFWPU Romania: We concluded 2nd week of 6th 40days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo with 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop on November 14-15, 2015.

This weekend many of our guests and CARP members left to their home town. But still we could receive the new guest who has a lot of desire to study Divine Principle and become CARP member. We were so happy to see his pure heart and sincerity.

In the first day of Divine Principle lectures were ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘Human Fall’, ‘Eschatology and Human History’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Introduction to Restoration’. All the lectures had very clear messages. Especially in the ‘Eschatology and Human History’ lecturer explained that how evil influence our mind through music. Because this participant is studying music in the school. Through this we all could understand how important Era we are living and we have such a responsibility to fulfil God’s purpose of creation.

The end of the day we had sharing time as family. This time we made questions box, so we choose questions from this box and we discuss about these topics. We could find out so many different feeling and opinions towards Divine Principle and our life. So this sharing time made us our closer to each other.

Second day, we started the day with joyful morning excise and morning inspiration ‘HonDokHae’. In this time, we read the message ‘What is the life of attendance?’ from True Father’s Words. Because we are living the era of attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents, but sometimes is difficult for us to practice it. But through this time we could get clear message the meaning of attendance and we found out many ways to practice it.

In the morning we had 2 more lectures from Divine Principle ‘Parallels of History’ and ‘Second Advent’. All the lectures had very clear message with such a excitement to share this Truth. And in the end we presented about CARP membership. Because after 2 Days Workshop they can be member of CARP and they can participate more active. The participant was excited about program and activities. We will guide and support him through our activities and Divine Principle study continuously.

We are so happy to offer this weekend in front of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. At same time we want to invest to find more new young people to offer greater joy for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Because we all feel young people are the hope! We would like to offer all this internal, external result in front of Heavenly Parents and True Parents with our sincere heart.

Reflection by Andrei (17): This 2 days workshop thought  me to be a better person to help people around me with anything. With advice, social help and material things…

I learned that we have one God and doesn’t matter from what religion you are from. I learned to appreciate the food that I ate each time and I felt that it had better taste. That it goes better in the stomach. I learned to listen to my friends and to let them to share their difficulties. And it’s good to listen our opinions and the others. Romania CARP opened my mind for becoming a better person. Thank you so much.