True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV December 5, 2015

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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. The 2nd Korea Top Gun and 5th Japanese Top Gun Workshop Commencement Ceremony
  2. Kim Seong Man Completes Blessing 430 Couples
  3. UPF Korea, Inauguration of the New President of the Citizens Federation

Global News

  1. Japan, The 7th National Seonghwa Student Divine Principle Contest
  2. Mozambique Interfaith Peace Blessing
  3. Thailand Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival and One-day Seminar
  4. Philippines, The 3rd International Youth Assembly / Malaysia Peace Day Seminar / Indonesia Christian Revival Seminar and Family Blessing
  5. UPF Slovakia Celebrates 10 Years of Establishment
  6. WFWP Nigeria Widow’s Empowerment Program Launching Ceremony
  7. Uruguay “Value and Culture for Peace” Seminar