Togo: Seminar for Ambassador for Peace

By FFWPU Togo, Juste Yawovi Lakley: On December 12, 2015, FFWPU and UPF Togo held a seminar for Ambassadors for Peace in Togo under the theme “To Become a Real Peace Model” at the Peace Embassy. The main program led by Rev. Adama Doumbia, Secretary General of UPF-Africa.

The purpose of this event was to help the Ambassadors for the Peace to understand their providential responsibilities in the establishment of a peaceful nation so that they can take a initiative action to promote peace activities in the nation.

Sixty Ambassadors for Peace participate at this event which included the wife of the former Prime Minister Klutsè, other former parliament members, leaders of associations and religious leaders and so on.

The event began with the welcoming address by Mrs. Antonio Ayélé Flore, National Vice-president of the FFWPU who was the MC of the event. Then there was a video presentation on the vision of peace centering on True Parents.

The event continued with Rev. Adama presenting the five principles to be developed in one’s life as Ambassador for Peace.

Later after a break, Rev. Adama introduced Mr. Komi Tomguilam Tchalla as the new Secretary General of the UPF Togo. This decision came after a long meeting we had the day before, in which Rev. Adama listened to members in regards to mission and function of UPF Togo. We thank Rev. Kagni Sédofia, for his work as Secretary General of UPF Togo until today.

Rev. Kagni Sédofia briefly spoke to members and congratulate the new Secretary General and asked all the Ambassadors for Peace to be united with him and work hard to realize UPF’s goals.

Also the new General Secretary spoke and thanked Rev. Adama for his confidence on him, as well as helping all the Ambassadors for Peace to understand the need to work together in different activities they are going to have from now on.