France: Tie Your Laces Well…

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By FFWPU France, Chamarande Training Center: On December 6th the members of the Paris region gathered at our training center south-west of Paris for Sunday service and to participate in a ceremony to receive the candle of True Mother’s Devotion.

We began with a sermon from our national leader, Mr. Jean-François Moulinet, entitled ‘Tie your laces well.’ He wanted to remind us that just as we tie our laces well to not have problems with our shoes, we also need to remember to keep our connections with the important people in our lives. But do we think about those with whom we are connected?

To help us reflect on this point he passed out a form with which we can divide those we know into two groups. The first group is those from whom we receive; those who serve as our examples, those who serve as our mentors and those help us develop in our lives. The second group is those to whom we give; those closest to us, our friends and peers and those to whom I try to be a guide.

After filling out this form we can pray for these people and make efforts to reinforce our connection with them.

Just as we need to keep our laces ties well to avoid stumbling, we need to keep a good connection with all of these people to avoid stumbling in our life.

After the sermon we held the ceremony to pass on the candle that True Mother passed on to leaders in Korea following the 3rd anniversary of True Father’s Seongwha. True Mother invested three years of devotion to True Father and receiving and using this candle can enable us to inherit her heart of devotion.

Mr. Moulinet and his wife passed on the flame from their seed candle to five local church leaders, who then passed it on to the candles of all the members gathered. We hope to reinforce our connection with True Mother by using these candles and, on that foundation, to expand our foundation in France.

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