Third !Oh Happy Day! in Dominican Republic

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FFWPU Dominican Republic, November 29, 2015: With the presence of 82 new Young guests and 75 members, the Family Federation in Dominican Republic in the HQ, held the Third !OH HAPPY DAY! Centering on new guest as a result of the new CARP Center and 40-day witnessing campaign done by the harmony and happiness of all members whom joint together to get this great result.

The new guests came from 5 different areas centering on home group weekly activities, as well from Carp center where member whom joint the campaign invited every day to be part of the teaching program which is running day by day in Carp center. The witnessing campaign was done from October 19 to November 27th. During that time members were paying devotion to True Parent by doing 40 kyonbes, fasting 12-hours a day and HDH reading every morning with the goal of getting one new guest each member.

39 guests from the total of 82 presents are now attending to the learning principles program. Many of them already listened the second coming of messiah, few of them are beginners and others are in middle of several conferences.

Amount the participants 5 ambassadors for peace, three universities professors, leaders from family federation.

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The “Oh Happy Day” began singing different songs sang with the “CHINOLA” musician Bank guided by Mr. Kenmei Kono, who is a second gen very active in the Dominican providence. Followed by a welcoming remarks done by the national leader, Mr. Leonidas Belliard, who emphasized that today is a festival for happiness and peace, so our main purpose is to be happy in order to make God happy. So we are beyond religious, races, languages and economics background, that why today we have the presence of people from more than 12 different nations demonstrate that in front of God there is not boundaries.

A video presentation was showed about how the Korean nation prospered after been destroyed by the war and how True Father in middle of suffering remember the help from abroad and how he showed his gratitude on behalf of the nation through Littler angels world tour.

All leaders from Family Federation were introduce as well followed by the main speech done by Mr. Bernardo Cruz, who is the national director of CARP. The title of the speech was “The youth will bring the world peace” and expressed his very enthusiastic and hope toward the young people who are the future of this nation and the future of the world.

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After lunch, Rev. Dae Hee Hong, our Special Envoy, gave a very nice speech followed by cultural performance and competition which was really a happy festival where new guests showed their talents getting the approval from people and making happiness amount the attendees.

At the end, a commission headed by Rev. Hong, presented the price giving ceremony, as follow:

  1. Group of World Carp Dominicana – first price
  2. Home group “Villa Mella” – second price
  3. Home group “Renacer” – Third price
  4. Home group “Alzando Vuelo” – forth price

The festival last whole day and everyone had very happy experience. All participants were invited to joint carp teaching program and general activities of family federation.

The festival concluded at 3:30pm with three cheers of onmansei done by the pastor Mr. Salvador Castillo.

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